17 de Agosto de 2017

What is CPV?

The basis for the Concentration Photovoltaic Systems ( CPV) is the usage of optic systems to increase the light arriving to the solar cells. It's a clever and simple concept:several optic devices of affordable technologies (lenses and mirrors) are used to concentrate light over tiny high-efficiency cells. For example, producing a vat of power by using a system which concentrates light 500 times over smaller that needed dor producing the same power without concetration and by using ordinary flat-panel cells.

Therefore,CPV main goal is to reduce the expenditure on power supply by substituting cell surface (expensive component) for devices.

CPV cells have already reached a lab maximum efficiency of 43.5%, while commercial cocentration cells reach eddiciencies of 39% and optic Systems are around 85% of efficiency. CPV modules are therefore being manufactured by using all those types od cells, which are reaching efficiencies up to 27%. Consequently, results obtained from the measures carried out on CPV Systems already installed are currently doubling the efficiencies of the flat-panel systems.

As it is based on optics, CPV Technology uses spñar dorect radiation only; therefore, high-accuracy solar trackers are mandatory. That direct radiation usage allows this technology to be suitable for middle and high radiation areas.