17 de Agosto de 2017


ISFOC, whose aim is to increase the energy efficiency of its installations, has developed a hybrid system for auto consumption that translates into important reductions on its building air-con system grid-demands. This system uses a CPV installation of 22.5kWp, battery-lines of 110kWh and the grid as support, in order to manage, through grid conductors of 45kW, those different enrgy fluxes while benefiting to the maximum form the solar resource.

Therefor, in case of an energy surplus due to a high solar irradiation and to a low consumption, grid-conductors charge the batteries. If the batteries are already charged and the consumption is low, the CPV installation production is cut back. On the other hand, if there is no enough energy due to few or null solar irradiation while there is a high consumption, it supplies the energy surplus through the batteries. If the batteries are running low or if there is a high consumption while there is no enough solar irradiation, the grid-conductors are able to feed directly to the grid, granting that way the supply in every moment.

The system is completely monitored as to be useful for the development of the CPV system on this kind of applications. Likewise, thanks to its modular structure, it will allow to add new other components in the future.