17 de Agosto de 2017


The Consortium of participants in the SSP “SigmaSoles: The innovation in Concentration Photovoltaics in Spain” has achieved such a success while carrying out the tasks that this commitment as well as the aim of developing the CPV technology both have lead to 4 new SigmaSoles spin-off Projects: Projects INNPACTO from the 3Q of 2011, supported again by the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry, being ISFOC technical coordinator in three of four.

The mother Project SigmaSoles has been split down into 4 new independent INNPACTO Projects: "Sigmamódulos","Sigmaequipos","Sigmatrackers" and "Sigmaplantas". Each project is focused on a specific area of interest, sharing several common objectives: to achieve a cheaper renewable energy, to optimise the more efficient solar systems and to obtain a high yield, through the exchange of know-how and background between Institutes and Companies on the sector.

The Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry has already announced the awardees of those INNPACTO Projects, where 555M€ in 394 projects have been granted, being 155M€ devoted to projects focused on the Energy topic. This support to the projects where ISFOC plays the technical coordinator role at its Puertollano Headquarters can be easily noticed if we focused on the high funding obtained, which reaches, for the 4 projects, up to 16.2M€. The Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry will pay out 13.5M€, more than 8.5% of the money devoted to the Energy topic projects: 9.3M€ in loans and 4.1M€ in subsidies. It is to highlight that one of the projects, that is, SigmaMódulos, has obtained the highest subsidies among all the awardees, that clearly indicates a strong support form the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry to the Renewable Energies in general and to the promising CPV technology in particular, where Spain is leader in development.