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ISFOC is developing an energy efficiency system for public institutions, hotels, industry, and other sites that permit management, reduction, and optimization of the energy consumption, as well as the la promotion of sustainable environmental economics.

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WEBENER allows for the continuous monitoring of the different types of consumption (electricity, water, gas, fossil fuel, etc...) in buildings, hotels, public institutions, industries, and other facilities from the data collected by the system, if they so permit it.

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Users via WEB will be able to monitor and manage the consumption of the different buildings, centralising the information in the same system, allowing for the comparison of different types of consumption and easily analysing the information provided by the system.

WEBENER will allow the management of demand, generation, and consumption as well as reducing and contrasting energy consumption, detecting possible anomalies, unnecessary consumption, and improvements in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the costs associated with energy supplies.

Characteristics of the Platform

  • Powerful and simple software and hardware solution for performing energy management.
  • Management and visualization of data via the Internet. The user only needs an Internet connection to access the tool. It is not necessary to purchase any software equipment (servers, database) or additional hardware.
  • Real-time consumption monitoring and consultation of historical data from measurement equipment through the execution of reports and monitoring indicators.
  • System of recording, notification, and visualization of alarms and alerts in order to detect and resolve undesirable habits and possible anomalies.
  • Centralized system, allowing for the management of different locations through the WEBENER application.
  • Configurable permissions management. Each user can only view the locations and reports to which permissions have been assigned.
System Modules
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