17 de Agosto de 2017

Indoor lab

The solar simulator for CPV at ISFOC serves a complete indoor characterization of CPV modules, which has the special property of collimating the light rays in the angular range as the rays coming from the real Sun. A parabolic mirror is used in order to reach that requirement. 

The indoor characterization involves, among other experimental possibilities: the complete module's I-V curve acquisition, power measurement and acceptance angle curve (angular transmission response of the CPV module) characterization. This solar simulator is based on a pulsed flash lamp which reaches more than 1000 W/m2 during some miliseconds, which is high enough to acquire the CPV module's photocurrent in each light pulse. A cPV refernce irradiance sensor is previously outdoors calibrated, for its calibration even spectral parameters for correlating indoor with outdoor conditions are under monitoring.

The system is capable of measuring modules up to voltages of 400V and up to currents of 10A. The maximum module's active area is limited by the 2m diameter parabolic mirror.