Enerbox Brochure

It is a simple and economical solution to optimise the energy consumption in buildings, offices, and installations through the management and monitoring of energy, and with the advantage of comparing, analysing, and representing the data collected from several buildings using consumption graphs and customizable ratios.


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How does it work?

Clamp meters are installed in the electrical panel to measure the consumption of every circuit. This information is sent wirelessly from enerBOX to the receiver station, recepbox, which will dump the data in real time to WEBENER platform. Thus, the user will be able to visualize the electric consumption in the platform using the Internet, also being able to inform of alerts and alarms via email.



  • Display of powers and energies in real tiem and its cost in € 
  • Display of historial data
  • Posibility to monitor the electricity meter used by the electric company to charge for the electricity
  • Distancia Maximum distance of 50m between the devices
  • Possibility to measure up to 30 different nodes with the same recepbox
  • Energy consumption monitoring of electric devices in houses and offices
  • Optimization of the contracted electric tariff based on the analysis of the consumption data
  • Elimination of  stand-by consumptions
  • Simple internet access
  • Contribution to the environment due to the reduction of CO2 emissions


Model  enerBox                Model  recepBox                Model  ambientBOX  
 External Voltaje  12 V                          External Voltaje 5 V/2.5 A                           Power supply   2 x AA batteries
 Current consumption   54 mA      Freq. Range   433 MHz      Sleep current consumption  0.12 mA
 Freq. Range  433 MHz      Max distance to receiver  50 m       Average current consuption  9.5 mA
 Max distance to receiver 50 m      Max. number of sensors  30 nodes       Freq. Range 433 MHz 
 Current sensors (max. 4)      100 A/ 50 mA                Max distance to receiver 50 m 
 External AC measurement 220/9 VAC                


Solution components

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