ISFOC is a R&D Institute focused on the Improvement, Development and Consultancy on CPV systems and Power Plants.

ISFOC mainly works on three different areas:

Technological Area

  • Technological evaluation of CPV systems
  • Technologial evaluation of CPV Power Plants
  • Plants acceptance
  • Production and performance studies
  • Consultancy on the improvement and development of the technology
  • IEC 62108 qualified labs; modules revalidation
  • Indoor and outdoor characterizacion of CPV modules

Technical Area

  • Solar resource
  • Engineering and construction of CPV power plantas
  • Project Management of CPV power plants
  • Commissioning, acceptance and power rating of CPV power plants
  • Data Accquisicion systems. Performance monitoring, storage and maintenance in databases. CPV platform software. Data analysis reports and web access to the data
  • Operation and maintenance, control and supervision. Procedures.

Legal Consultant and Advisement

  • International Tendering for Technologies selection assessment
  • EFC contracts
  • Operation and Maintenance Contracts
  • Financial analysis for CPV projects
  • Due Diligence advisement