Once the CPV plant construction is finished or in order to evaluate the performance of the plants in operation, as well as the Contract guarantees, ISFOC offers the possibility of carrying out acceptance tests for contracting and rating the power of the supplied plants, or for evaluating their power degradation.

It is important to highlight that, nowadays, there is no standard normative to determine the power of a CPV plant. Therefore, ISFOC has created its own methodology, which is being proposed to be adopted as an international standard.

Contract obligation compliance, as established on the Supply Contract, is also evaluated and verified. A detailed inspection is carried out to ensure that the minimum criteria are fulfilled in regard to quality standards, execution of works, or documentation to deal with for the CPV plants’ O&M tasks. Nevertheless, operation and start-up tests should be held prior to the power rating.

As an added value, ISFOC operates with more than 2MW under O&M monitoring, therefore, it is fully conscious of the importance of those tasks for a proper yield and return of the investment held.

In that sense, ISFOC also carries out evaluations and assessments in the process and O&M tasks, crucial for the daily performance of the plants. ISFOC is, in fact, supported by the Scientific research applied to real plants in operation by mainly focusing on the following aspects:

Verification of the quality of installations

  • Evaluation of the Operative Management of the installations
  • Characterisation and recalibration of radiation sensors
  • Study and evaluation of the contractual situation
  • Evaluation of the installation’s scope and of guarantees
  • Analysis of contractual compliance
  • Verification of the guaranteed values compliance
  • Evaluation of Operative variables
  • Evaluation of the historic data, production, radiation, or others.
  • Analysis of the production in compliance with that assured in the base-case
  • Evaluation of the plant’s yield and Analysis of incidences