Project title: Development of low concentration photovoltaic systems with high-efficiency solar cells and single-axis tracking systems: THESEUS

Origin of the aid: State R+D+i program aimed at the Challenges of Society of the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness, 2014.

File identification number: RTC-2014-2304-3

Project beneficiary: Abengoa Solar New Technologies, SA

Project consortium: Abengoa Solar New Technologies, Rioglass Solar, Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración, University of Cádiz, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Project Duration: 2014-2017

DESCRIPTION: ISFOC participates in the THESEUS project, with the main objective of developing low-medium concentration photovoltaic technology for large electricity production plants that can compete with conventional flat panel photovoltaic generation systems in high-irradiation areas. To achieve this objective, the project plans to cover the following specific objectives:

  • Develop new 1-axis solar tracking systems with the objective of minimizing cost.
  • Develop high efficiency cells optimized to work in low concentration, considering both monocrystalline-silicon-based technologies and analysing the potential of III-V technology.
  • Define and validate a design for the low concentration receiver.
  • Develop new materials for the selective filtration of solar radiation to eliminate the part of the solar spectrum that is not used by solar cells in order to significantly reduce the operating temperature, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Design new heat dissipation systems to maximize the thermal performance of the system and reduce material and manufacturing costs.

Finally, the results of the project will take form in various prototypes that will serve to validate the technology developed. It is at this point that ISFOC carries out its activities in the project, as it leads the work package corresponding to the performance of accelerated aging tests for the validation of the design according to the international standard IEC-62108 “Concentration Photovoltaic modules and systems (CPV). Qualification of the design and standardisation.”

The project is part of the State R+D+i Program aimed at the Challenges of Society of the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness. One of the greatest Challenges of the Society is the development of clean, safe, and efficient energy. This is how this project is framed, proposing the development of a low photovoltaic concentration system that is competitive in areas of high irradiation, both compared to conventional flat panel photovoltaic technologies, and fossil-fuel-based generation sources. Therefore, the project is clearly oriented towards one of the most important objectives set out in Horizon 2020: to make renewable energies supply more than 20% of the electricity market.