The Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentracion (ISFOC), a worldwide reference company for CPV research, highlights the following Business lines so as to obtain results:

  • Measurement and evaluation of the different technologies available at our installations or those assigned to projects all over the world.
  • Redaction of international regulations regarding CPV, such as IEC 62108.
  • Plant Manintenance Studies and their subsequent component recycling process.
  • Improvement and development of concentrators by applying the acquired know-how from each technology.
  • Legal assessment services for those interested on the installation of this technology around the world.
  • Publicise and disseminate Scientific Results to the commercial and industrial sectors
  • Evaluate the impact of CPV on the environment.
  • Solar radiation studies, as CPV technology is more effective relative to the solar light hours and its quality, by creating a prediction-of-production model.
  • Training courses to students in order to train experts to be able to feed their knowledge into the Businness sector and therefore, to spread the advantages of CPV.

All those lines come together with two main goals:

  • To be a reference centre for CPV technology by providing valuable and reliable information about commercial CPV systems.
  • To have the Scientific community and the Business sector trained and informed in order to boost and promote top-level R&D for the CPV technology