As a result of the Quality and Environmental Policy implemented at ISFOC and within the environmental section, ISFOC:

  • has carried out a study of its "Environmental Performance," according to its Objectives and Environmental aspects. In 2021, ISFOC:
    • is registered as a producer of hazardous waste
    • is managing and registering the following waste: batteries, electrical and electronic material, light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, grease containers and cartridges, oil containers, photovoltaic modules and lead batteries, plastic, paper and cardboard, water, and toner.
  • has a system implemented to update the applicable environmental legislation and to identify the requirements that are applicable to the activity.
  • periodically evaluates environmental aspects; specifically, the generation of waste and consumption of resources, determining which are significant.
  • performs adequate operational control of the identified environmental aspects.
  • has established and implemented procedures in case of possible environmental emergencies.
  • periodically carries out information and environmental awareness campaigns so that any person or entity involved is fully informed and aware of the environmental issues related to their area of ​​action, and thus is able to count on their participation and support in all management actions and improvements put into operation.

Likewise, ISFOC puts information on the environmental aspects indicated at the interested parties’ disposal.