ISFOC, with more than 5 years’ experience in Concentration Photovoltaics, a period in which it has completed the construction of more than 2MW of 7 different CPV Technologies in Spain, as well as managing their O&M tasks, while currently holding the Project Management of 1 MW more of CPV installations in other countries, has vast knowledge supported by the assessment and analysis of CPV technologies and projects.

That is why ISFOC, which has dealt with several administrative processes, such as the launching of two International Calls for Proposals for the installation of CPV plants in Spain, apart from managing the International service supplying contracts and having established several partnership agreements, offers the following services of Legal Consulting. It is important to highlight that ISFOC owns a specific department in this area and its own Legal Advisor, an expert in managing the following stages:

  • Assessment on selecting Technologies and on taking part in Call for Proposals
  • EPC Contracts
  • O&M Contracts
  • Financial Analysis of CPV Projects
  • Due diligence Assessment