ISFOC's Software Engineering Department, devoted to Renewable Energies, specializes in Consultancy projects, Equipment maintenance, Communications networks, Hardware installations, and Software development.

The department's main goal is to contribute in competitiveness, innovation, and evolution capacity for its customers, while covering their demanded requirements. Great knowledge, experience, and service capacity, a high level of Technological background, as well as a deep awareness of the Renewable Energies field in compliance with a solid platform of our own products are the key points that form a strong pillar for supporting our solutions.

ISFOC presents a Software services & products catalogue covering every stage of the Renewable Energies Informational technologies, especially Concentration Photovoltaics (CPV), from the CPV plants’ monitoring to maintenance and data analysis as well as Predictive models of production.

The Software Engineering department is comprised of a unique Hardware and Software structure worldwide; it has a huge informational database that manages the monitoring and analysis of the data collected from several different prototypes and CPV plants located in various locations around the world (Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Abu Dhabi (UAE)). The technologies analysed are provided by 10 different manufacturers (Arima, Soitec, Isofoton, Solfocus, Arima, Sol3G, Emcore Energy Innovations, Everphoton, Magpower, Semprius, and Daido).

Those solutions allow for the optimization of the technology and CPV plant production as well as making management, analysis, and maintenance easier. Consequently, all of those improvements will directly lead to a reduction in the cost of installation and maintenance of the CPV technology.