ISFOC's installations include Labs specifically conditioned to hold pre-certification tests of IEC 62108, and to fully characterise both indoor and outdoor CPV modules (prototypes).

Test carried out are defined in IEC 62108:2007, and those in UNE-EN 61215:2006, IEC 60068-2-21:2006 and ANSI/UL 1703 as well.

Due to the great versatility of the equipment, it is possible to hold different kinds of tests by perfectly adapting to the requirements.

In order to characterise the CPV modules: ISFOC offers a commercial Solar Simulator for CPV testing adapted to requirements of a wide voltage range (max. 400v) as well as currents (max. 10 A). Therefore, module I-V characterisation is obtained, with its maximum power for controlled values of irradiance at 25º C. By using the adjustable structure, measuring over the angular acceptance of module is also obtained 8 optical characterisation, and that way, rounding up the full CPV module characterisation.

Outdoor characterisation: ISFOC offers a versatile, outdoor, high-efficiency, two-axis solar tracking system, which, in combination with a measuring system, monitors the electric response of CPV modules. Moreover, module temperature, irradiance, and ambient conditions are also monitored. Off-axis and angular acceptance tests are also carried out by this tracker, being also able to hold the side-by-side test of IEC 62108, among others.

Lab tests correspond to accelerated aging processes, both climatic with climatic with humidity and UV radiation, as stated in IEC 62108 for CPV modules; for example, the thermal cycle test, humidity freeze, damp heat and UV exposure, haul impact, rain, mechanical load, drive and power injection test, dielectric strength, and isolation.

The lab offers all the necessary means in order to carry out the tests: high-volume Climatic Chambers, haul launcher, rain test structure, dynamometer, torque wrench, multi-meter, programmable power supplies, and isolation tester.