ISFOC was the host of the CPV-8 International Conference on Concentration Photovoltaics.

This conference was held in Toledo from 16-18 April 2012, and during those days, 450 scientists from 32 countries shared and acquired knowledge about research and development, the latest innovations and industrialization of CPV technology, as well as obtaining information about its market evolution. The purpose of the conference was to be the reference forum for technical and in-depth discussion on CPV systems, from a scientific and industrial point of view.

Among the highlights of this CPV-8 Conference are the presentation of cell records and modules measured so far. Thus, it can be ensured that the evolution of cell efficiency and modules is still a long journey, and that better editions will possibly continue to be announced in future editions of the Conference. In addition, the installation of CPV in large plants has been verified, which will boost the reliability of CPV technology. All this will help prices to be more competitive in a market that unevenly distributes opportunities, depending on the difficulty of the economic situation in each country.