ISFOC will incorporate new Spanish companies in its "MASDAR CITY" Project

ISFOC faces the second phase of its Agreement with MASDAR, a subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company controlled by the Government of Abu Dhabi (UAE), whose purpose is to develop and deploy Concentration Photovoltaics, incorporating two new Spanish companies into the project in 2017.

ISFOC develops consulting work and services, evaluating concentration photovoltaic technology (CPV) under the environmental conditions in Abu Dhabi. ISFOC provides assistance and support to Masdar for the operation and maintenance of the installed plants.

The project evaluates the effect of dust, temperature, and salt in the environment on the generation of energy, reliability, and performance of this technology under desert environmental conditions.

After the first phase of construction, with almost 500kW installed, ISFOC will incorporate the Spanish companies, Valldoreix-Greenpower and BSQ-Solar. In the first half of 2017, these companies will supply two 100kW demonstration plants each, under the coordination and supervision of ISFOC.

The study of the technologies installed in Masdar City will provide valuable data for enhancing CPV technology, its recognition, and its marketing worldwide, mainly in areas of high irradiation and high temperatures.