The Spanish Photovoltaic Technology Platform (Fotoplat) continues its work with the meeting of the Management Committee, on 14 June, at the headquarters of the State Secretariat for Research, Development, and Innovation of the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness (Mineco).

This platform is being promoted by the Soliker company (Unisolar group) and Castilla-La Mancha´s R + D centre, ISFOC, with the economical support of Mineco through the Innfluye program, for its activation in 2011 and 2012. Representatives of the Management Committee participated in the follow-up meeting, pertaining to the most representative entities of the sector: Technology companies, Universities, public and private R + D Technology centres, and public administration, represented by Mineco, CDTI, ICEX and IDEA, who compromised to work together to impulse this technology.

With the creation of the new photovoltaic platform, Spain´s energy sector has 10 platforms which represent all the technology sectors, which allows to boost and strengthen the Science- Technology- Innovation fabric (CTI), maturing the spanish Brand in energy technology, and taking part actively in ICEX`s concept of "Spain:Technology for Life", as well as in important and representative iniciatives such as Alinne (Aliance for investigation and energy innovation).

In this reunión, as novelty, the platform´s Web page was presented:, which will serve to showcase platform´s activities and will be key to its promotion. Also, the period of accession to the Project for future partners is opened. Nevertheless, given the problematic of the photovoltaic sector and the CTI fabric, work groups previously formed have presented their first strategy documents to position Fotoplat facing critical matters: Spanish equipment goods industries´situation – key to impulse Spain´s CTI fabric with demostration plant projects-, and Spain´s CTI fabric situation with self consumption of photovoltaic systems, taking into account the urgency of designing a technological “roadmap”, which allows to reach a long term, strategy Project.